Proper fix for Call of Duty 4 stats being reset (legit)


It’s 2017 and you’re still playing COD4 the original warfare (like me). I mean if it ain’t broke she don’t need a fix and they aren’t selling the Remaster separately and who the hell wants to play COD in space? (not me, I’ve steered clear from the series for many years now).

So, you’re trying to restore your mpdata file for your user account so you don’t have to level up all over again or you just reinstalled your OS and want to get your progress back. If you’re not sure how to do this, there’s a guide (PDF) here.

If you’re seeing the error that your stats have been reset and your mpdata file becomes corrupt after restoring your mpdata file and running the game, fear not! A fix is here. Well at least a partial one see this article

However, you’ll find there’s one step missing….. If you’ve covered the above articles and it still won’t work (it still complains about mpdata being corrupt), well read on because I have a simple fix / workaround for you!

All you need to do is run the Cod4 executable (ie: iw3mp.exe) as Administrator and once the game loads up, simply go into your Multiplayer options and re-enter your CD key. Voila! This annoyed me for several days and there’s lots of junk about hacks and cheats to get to level 55 – I just wanted to restore my progress!

I hope this helps someone else out there!

Happy Gaming!