Why I’m Applauding Valve’s Recent Announcements [Steam Box]

One word.   Innovation.   Now, only time will tell if they pull it off but I’m super excited that a company in such a ‘safe’ spot (if there’s such a thing) is actually thinking outside of the box and taking a real shot at delivering something there’s very clearly a market for.

What’s are biggest obstacles in PC gaming right now?

  • Peripherals (game pads, motion etc.) – Yes while they may be available they certainly are no where near ubiquitous which they need to be.
  • PC gaming in the living room
  • Sharing experience
  • Hardware is expensive (just needs added value / simplicity)
steam box controller

Fallout mask or the latest in PC controller innovation?



As far as I can tell Valve’s strategy is attempting (in creative ways – some more than others) to come up with solutions to all of these problems.

  1. New controller + design
  2. Streaming games from the living room using your gaming PC’s power
  3. Sharing game library with family

Good luck with it Valve.   If your delivery / implementation doesn’t suck I just might be able to get behind this 😉